Welcome to my website. Here you will find all the information about me, my career, and my upcoming projects. Feel free to contact me through the contact section for any question or booking.

Hermès Karel is an international singer-songwriter. Also a singer of classical standards, his warm, captivating and clear voice allows him to easily juggle from one style of music to another. From the standard jazz crooner (twice a month at the famous and international Reduta Jazz Club, in Prague, Narodni 20 Prague 1, at the Stade de France (big show in front of 70,000 crowd ), at the Casino de Paris (France) to the romantic and groovy music lover funk and electro dance, he always surprises us, making us travel through his wide musical palette and carrying us away with his passion and generosity.
Indeed, his desire is above all to transmit his passion for music and interactions carried by a message of union, peace and joy. His first name Hermes (Creator of musical instruments, God of travellers, the messenger of the gods of Greek mythology) is probably not for nothing. I wish you all a good trip in the complex world of Hermès Karel!